What comes to your mind when you think of tiles? Porcelain? Vitrified? Ceramic? Well, all these are great, but they all have various properties. And when we think of balcony tiles, we often overlook the area and do not carefully design it. It is essential to select the design of your balcony tiles carefully to show some transitions between indoors and outdoors.

In recent times the need for home decorations and DIY’s are springing up a lot, and hundreds and thousands of people browse the internet to find unique ideas to make their houses look great and beautiful in all the ways possible.

Let us come to the balcony tiles… Tiles exemplify the richness and complement your interior space. By adding a couple of decor elements, like the wall textures and the interior design fixtures, balcony tiles create a chic appeal. Besides, tiles can surely set your mood and tone for the theme of your home space. Ah! An essential property, tiles, prevent your indoor space and surfaces from stains, leakages, and natural damages.

Talking about having a balcony… A balcony tiles, a deck, or a patio, whatever you name it, are generous and welcoming that brings yours outside in. It enables you to connect to the outer world and enjoy the picturesque view from the comfort of your home.

Also, having a balcony is a great way to allow the natural light to enter your house and brighten your lying space instantly. Over and above, a patio can genuinely boost the overall energy of your home.

A well-designed balcony has a perceptible, sharp, and incomparable charm.   

If renovating or remodeling your house, kindly consider the balcony tiles too because the first thing people notice is outside your home. And that is why it requires equal modification and styling to provide you that aesthetic appeal and the feel of the balcony, which creates a soothing impact overall.


Here I’ll be listing down some famous and luxury balcony tiles suitable for Indian weather and can sustain heat, cold, and rain for a long run. 

To assist you with picking the right choice for your balcony tiles, I’ll be summarizing the top 5 of such tiles that not only are luxurious and intriguing in appeal but will also render your space a touch of excellence.

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NOTE: Before before you step out for shopping and spending, consider the following point:

  • Picture the balcony area, which needs to be tiled. 
  • Know and measure the exact location. 



Porcelain tiles are anti-slip and made out of clay-based materials, making them hard, dense, highly durable, moisture repellent, and non-porous. Hence, they are an excellent choice for outdoors and balconies.  

Porcelain tiles are one of the most popular versions in the tile family and are widely available in the market. You’ll have an opportunity to choose between various shapes, sizes, designs, textures, and colors. 

Porcelain tiles are scratch and stain-resistant. Some are designed so that they replicate stone and wood; you can hardly find a difference. 

Porcelain tiles are classy, sophisticated, and have a way of standing out, which compliments the decor of your house.  

For a seamless finish, plump out for rectified or joint-free ones, and do not forget to use epoxy grouting for an uncluttered look. 

NOTE: Go for matte-finish with anti-skid properties



There is nothing compared to the cement tiles as they introduce themselves in bold patterns and bring colors and a beautiful heritage look.

Cement tiles are durable and come with coalescing patterns that bring out their charming natural appeal.

Cement tiles are handcrafted and are also called encaustic tiles. Choosing the right color and design, and pattern can surely add an element of art to your balcony.

Cement tiles are durable, long-lasting, and like an open canvas, making them a favorite among contractors and interior designers.

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Terracotta tiles are handmade, perfect for the folks who like the rusty and faded earthy look on their balcony tiles . They have that fresh warm design with a reddish-brown color, which offers an informal and jot of a southwestern feel.

Terracotta tiles are eco-friendly as they are made of naturally available materials, which will merge with the green outdoor design of your balcony, and you can never doubt it. 

Terracotta tiles are beautiful in their natural state and have been used for many years as affordable. To be durable and long-lasting, they need to be sealed, often more than once during the initial installation. 

Terracottas are also used in kitchens, bathrooms, and pool decks. 

PROS: Strong and durable, old traditional beauty, rich and soft feel, great for indoor and outdoor usage. 

CONS: Relatively soft and can stain easily, not so scratch resistant, can crack or chip. 



If you have an open-to-sky balcony, hardwood or wooden tiles are a great choice to go. Believe me; nothing can ever beat a properly finished wooden floor. Nothing. Wooden tiles blend with decor and greenery that can complement all kinds of settings and are organically classy.

Whether you want a hardwood finish, a laminate floor, or sidewalls, wooden tiles can naturally impart immense warmth to the balcony. The best part about these tiles is they can be easily set directly over the concrete or any flat surface.

The rich textures render a sophisticated modern appeal to the patio, blend great with the flora around, and feel good to the barefoot.

They are easy to maintain and are treated with sealants to be termite resistant. However, their looks, color, and long life have made them famous in the community.



If you want to bring nature to your balcony and outside of your home, then you can go for natural stone tiles. They are tough, durable and are available in different sizes, colours, designs, and textures. You can easily find out their uniqueness as no two tiles look the same.  

Natural stone tiles are machine cut to their standard square sizes. From the colour to the warmth of their natural textures, you can choose the one that syncs with the decor. 

They are highly durable and long-lasting, weather-resistant, and come with a naturally grainy finish. 

Note: Natural stone tiles are highly absorbent and need to be sealed. Also, Avoid materials like marbles and granites on your balcony as they are slippery for your safety.



Isn’t it refreshing to create something refreshing with your home now and then? Well, few get hesitant about implementing this idea in their balconies, but synthetic grass can spruce up your space, and you can never go wrong. 

They are designed to mimic the look and feel of the lush green grass. And if anyone is looking for greenery balcony tiles that never fades away, synthetic grass is the best option for you. 

While some might hang back due to its initial costs, its benefits can save countless money, effort, and time. 

You can easily install it as a carpet, requires little maintenance, is perfectly safe for childrens and pets, plus a good quality synthetic can easily last for around 15-20 years. 

TIP: While deciding on the balcony tiles, match them with your interior tiles and make sure they look good. And yes, always go for the materials that are slip-resistant, non-fading, and durable

Decks and balcony tiles have become an incredibly essential element, and people have truly recognized their numerous advantages in the pandemic. The open space, the grand view, the comfort, and the privacy it had offered the occupants confined and admired it while working from home. 

So, ready to install or re-tile your balcony space? Connect with us for more such ideas we have to offer. And if you like our blog, kindly appreciate us and help us grow. And if you have any suggestions, make sure you mention them in the comment section below.   

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