Today, there is so much choice available in the furniture market that it can be challenging to choose. This blog can help you find the top sofa brands in India if you are looking specifically for that information. Adding stylish sofas to your living room can help you make your living space more inviting.  

There are a variety of sofa styles you can choose from, according to your aesthetic tastes. A good sofa should also match the aesthetic of your living room, as it must complement the overall design.

India has numerous furniture brands that offer customers some of the most luxurious and best sofas brands in India. What should you look for when buying a couch? Indeed you’ve read our informative blog.

To help you narrow your search and choose the right piece of sitting furniture for your home, we’ve put together a list of India’s top 10 sofa brands. The styles of each brand have been discussed thoroughly below.

Here is the list of best sofa brands in India mention below

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Furny Davis Ottoman L shape Sofa

Furny Davis Ottoman L shape Sofa

Using the finest materials, this Furny will produce a modular sofa ideal for your living room. The vast profundity of the seats enables a more extensive seating area and a more relaxing, comfortable experience.

It features a sizeable extensive seating region with plushly filled cushions and is upholstered with quality leatherette by Furny Davis. Small living spaces will appreciate it, and you will receive a well-padded and luxurious seating solution by pairing it with an ottoman.

This sofa set will be solid and durable due to its solid wood edge. This sofa set will last longer against any harm caused by tight passageways because of its thick froth padding and intense fiber padding.

Essential Material Wood
Guarantee 1 year
Style Modern
Weight 35 Kg
Color Brown

Home Center Emily Sofa Set

Home Center Emily Sofa Set

Indian furniture brand Home Center offers ultimate comfort, quality, and style to its customers worldwide.

Our list wouldn’t be complete without this Home Center Emily sofa set. It is a Beige-colored rectangular 5-piece sofa set, and it comes in two distinct pieces made up of a three-seater and a two-seater sofa. You can customize the space.

As a trustworthy and responsible manufacturer, the manufacturer uses high-quality Meranti solid wood with a substantial development to withstand shocks and hold heavy weights. The upholstery polyester material gives this table improved comfort and a fashionable appearance. 

On the backrest are high-elastic nylon webbing and high-resilient foam to keep the backrest comfortable and prevent aggravation. 

Essential Material Solid wood
Color Beige
Guarantee 2 years guarantee against assembling absconds
Style Contemporary
Weight 46 kg

Adorn India Easy Sofa Cum Bed

Adorn India Easy Sofa Cum Bed

Adorn India’s sofa bed is a very stylish and comfortable way to spruce up your living area. The sofa bed can be folded away to save space on your floor (bed and sofa). It is lightweight yet strong and designed to keep your living room clutter-free. The sofa bed can be folded up to save you space.

The sofa is made with excellent texture material and well-prepared labor to create a fine finish, which gives you a sense of the value of your money. Thus, this sofa is made with excellent texture material and well-prepared labor to create a fine finish.

It comes with a three-year warranty for foam, and the covers/texture can be easily removed and washed. With this, you can change the sofa’s look whenever you want. It is easy to use for youngsters, adults, and visitors for sitting and sleeping reasons. Children, adults, and visitors can easily sit or sleep on this bench. By combining areas of texture and folding, the potential for designs will be expanded.

Essential Material     Foam
Style Modern
Color Black and Gray
Guarantee 3 years
Weight 15 kg

Sekhar Lifestyle Butterfly Sofa Set

Sekhar Lifestyle Butterfly Sofa Set

If you are tired of finding an affordable, comfortable, and stylish sofa set for your home, then pick this Sekhar Lifestyle butterfly sofa set for luxurious comfort and relaxation.

This set has a maximum seating capacity of 5, including two one-seater sofas and one three-seater sofa. This set’s butterfly design makes it an excellent addition to any modern room.

The versatile plan coordinates with any interior style and climate making it an excellent choice for office, bedroom, and living room. Additionally, re-ordering is allowed in beige, white, brown, dark, and black colors.

This classic modern-day sofa is comfortable and stylish with pre-assembled solid wood and plywood construction and leatherette upholstery. 

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Essential Material      Plywood and Solid wood
Color Brown and Beige
Style Butterfly
Guarantee 1-year guarantee against assemblin
Weight 120 kg

SofaArchitect Moris Sofa Set

SofaArchitect Moris Sofa Set

Regarding furniture patterns for your home and office, the Moris sofa set 5-seater from SofaArchitect stands out as one of the most impressive pieces.

This 3-in-1 sofa set guarantees consumer loyalty and comfort with a high-quality solid wooden frame. Thicker material is used to construct the legs, ensuring a longer lifespan than the business guidelines.

The elegance and comfort of the mattress are enhanced with the use of top-notch reconstructed fibers and 50/40 foam layers. A removable and washable large and small pillow also adds to its charm.

With this elegant SofaArchitect Moris sofa set, there’s more to admire than comfort and design. This sofa looks stylish and modern due to its frothy texture, rectangular shape, and dark color.

Essential Material Solid wood
Color Gray
Style Contemporary
Guarantee 3 years guarantee against assembling absconds
Weight 90 kg

Royaloak Rose Fabric Sofa Set 2+3

Royaloak Rose Fabric Sofa Set 2+3

With this Rose Fabric Sofa Set, you can create an inviting and warm atmosphere in your home. It will make your living room feel modern and comfortable with its fabric upholstery. 

This comfortable family chair has track arms, a loose back, and a tight cushion so you can relax with family and friends in a peaceful environment.

A variety of products manufactured by Royal Oak are either made by artisans with the finest raw materials or by large brands in state-of-the-art facilities. Almost all Royaloak furniture products come with a brand warranty.

Brand RoyalOak
Installation Offered By Royaloak
Warranty 12 Months
Style Modern

Durain Casper X Fleur Edit

Durain Casper X Fleur Edit

This timeless silhouette is inspired by mid-century styling. Its iconic tufted design lies at the heart of your calming and cozy living space, while its vibrant floral print is borrowed from our Fleur Edit collection. 

Escape the busy world around you with this stylish sofa. With the floral indulgence, you can bring your space to life. Sleep on Casper, and you will love the comfort without compromising on style.

This product has been designed to meet the needs of the modern Indian lifestyle; the frame is scratch-resistant and has a strong warp resistance. Superior tear strength & rub count with high abrasion resistance and fabric upholstery.

Brand Durain
ColourGreen – Sage Green 
Style Contemporary
Finish Matte
Legs Solid Wood

Amazon Brand Solimo Bliss Leatherette Sofa

Amazon Brand Solimo Bliss Leatherette Sofa

You can satisfy your comfort needs in your home with the solimo leatherette sofa. Having tested it by placing 100 kg on the seat and backrest for 25,000 cycles, it is exceptionally durable. For 10,000 cycles, it was tested with 40 kg on the armrests.

The earthy-hued leatherette used on this sofa won’t lose coloring after washing so that it will look new for a more extended period, and it’s a very comfortable sofa. After overseeing 30 quality and safety tests, it follows. It is excellent and stable for its leather. AZO Dye is free from harmful compounds, including formaldehyde, and it meets Indian execution and security standards.

It is lightweight and is easy to move from one place to another without a problem, making it possible for the sofa to be moved all around the house.

Made withfabulous leatherette and durability
Guarantee 3 years
stable practical item.
passing 30 + wellbeing and quality 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Which brand sofa is the best?

1. Furny Davis
2. Home Center
3. Adorn India
4. Sekhar Lifestyle
5. SofaArchitect
6. Royaloak
7. Durain
8. Amazon Brand Solimo 

What style of sofa is most popular?

leather traditional sofa

Most people still prefer Leather traditional three-seat sofas.
This type of sofa is found in most homes. Microfiber, leather and fully wooden are used in these sofas, along with various colours, fabrics and materials. There will be differences in the design of the leather sofa depending on the manufacturer and style.  

Which Colour is best for sofa?

Here are the most popular sofa colours that suit your home.
1. Gray – Is The Most Popular Color Of All Sofas. When it comes to sofa colours, grey is the favoured choice…….
2. White colour – There is no more neutral statement than that…….
3. Blue – The colour is called ‘Bluetral’. And the king of all colours…….
4. Green – The Colour of Evergreen…….

Hope this article gonna help you to choose one of the best sofa brands in India. Which is your favourite sofa brand? and Why? Let us know in the comment Session.


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