If the independent house main door design is not chosen wisely, everything else in the house can fall flat, even with the most beautiful architecture and beautifully designed garden. Vaastu Shastra says that independent house main door design are incredibly encouraging when located at the entrance wooden door design.

There’s no wonder that most Indian houses have wood doors, considering the ancient science of Vaastu tells us that wood doors bring happiness, prosperity, wealth, and good fortune. In addition, a well-made door will last quite a while if it is crafted from good wood.

We will now share some beautiful independent house main door design for Indian homes that we hope you’ll like in this article. Besides providing some tips for making your home stand out, we have also provided some tips to ensure a positive flow of energy. Keep reading for more.

Here are the list of best Entrance Wooden Door Design for your home

Flower Curved Wooden Door

The abstract is a favorite of the new generation, and however, it is tradition to have a entrance wooden door design.

By combining these two ideas, your home will have a majestic entrance and make you proud to be its owner.

Curved/Arch Shaped Entrance Door

Those with curved heads are symbolic of positivity, and this is a visually appealing feature as well.

This decorative piece will add a classy look to your home and attract positive energy. Places like this will have a vintage look.

A Wooden Door with a Glass and Metal Panel

When it comes to entrance wooden door design combinations, a forged metal window encased in glass is exquisite.

Your house will be a landmark in the neighborhood with this entrance wooden door combination.

 Door With Horizontal or Vertical Stripes

One of the most popular designs for main doors in Indian homes, this door is simple yet elegant. The simple yet sleek design makes the main entrance more appealing.

You can choose a door that has narrow stripes or use different colors if such doors are standard in your neighborhood.

Entrance Door-On-Door

It is an excellent concept to have a more prominent car entrance and a smaller entrance for the members.

You will be able to look ethereal while entering with the royal design on it.

Door Design with Floral Engraving

A floral design engraved on entrance wooden door design enhances their aesthetic appeal impressively. Depending on your preference.

You can choose from border designs or designs throughout, and they are both equally beautiful.

Wooden door with 3D carving

There is no need for door carving to be dull. Bring your creativity to life by cutting a wood door in 3D.

Adding an elegant look to your entrance, it looks sleek, bold, and artsy.

Double Wooden Doors

You can add the look of a wooden double door to the design of your bungalow and ensure added security at the same time.

Big cabins look classy with these doors, and they enhance the aesthetics.

The rectangle block design

Rectangular block designs for entrance comes with the simplicity of a design is always elegant to watch.

It is possible to make an entrance look smart by using a rectangular block design on wood doors.

Designing a metal dot door

While the Maharajas ruled our country, metal dots were nailed into wooden doors. Several of these are still visible today, and these add a certain charm to the country.

You could try installing some of these in your home.

Simple Wooden Door design

Choose a plain simple wooden door design rather than a door with a design if your exterior is already painted and decorated.

A wood door’s polish depends on your home, but simplicity will enhance its appeal.

Door made of wood on a steel frame

Having an entrance door that is solid and comparatively large is essential when you own a villa.

Steel-framed wooden doors would be the perfect solution to protect them from being damaged.

Designing the best main doors

A compilation of stylish main door designs is presented here. However, one could also argue that the door exceeds all the other techniques that are available online today.

Square-cut-off eye hole

It is redundant to have a simple entrance. Slice off a square from the middle and place the glass on it. Both designs will work, and the eyehole will be visible.

 Wooden door with tinted glass

It is also possible to customize an entrance wooden door design with two materials like wood and glass. Tinted glass has been used in the design of the main door to enhance its beauty.

Ornate Wooden Door

The design of an ornate wooden door at the entrance to a home is essential. The royal palaces used this design for their doors, and your house can also look regal if you use it for your door.

Chocolate brown door design

When it comes to safety and security, doors with a modern vision create a lush feel, but they are also impregnable.

They design all aspects of a house’s main entrance stylishly and give a feeling of spaciousness to the house.

white modern main door design

White has long been associated with glamour. It’s easy to capture the attention of everyone passing by the main entrance by having a white door, and it makes it more alluring when combined with concrete panels.

Modern half glass front entrance door

There is probably a foreign design element to the main door we will discuss here. Yet, it has succeeded in blending with our architecture effortlessly.

Has brought a pinch of romance to our existing ideas at the same time. Though it might look a bit weak, that’s not the case.

Entrance door that is black and modern

Black is a color that never ages. It is such an excellent choice because of its resistance to dirt and dust, which are external influences on doors.

It can also be installed quickly and lasts for many years.


Main door designs like this create a great first impression due to their classy aesthetic. As an attractive alternative to any other standard door, this door gives the entrance a more luxurious look.

If you wish to install this door, you should ensure ample space available outside. By doing so, the surroundings will be more spacious.


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