Since Featherlite office chairs are made specifically for office use, they are low volume. They are also constructed from top-grade materials. Due to this, they are more expensive than the standard plastic or wood chairs we get for home use.  

The cushions in your best Featherlite office chairs should not be ignored when you sit there for a long time. Those with mesh and upholstery make for comfortable long-term seating.

By providing air circulation, the mesh design will prevent you from sweating on your back or seat. This means that sitting on these chairs in hot, humid conditions should not pose a problem.  

Consider your own individual needs and the design of the chair when picking out an best Featherlite office chairs for your workplace. What is the height of your desk? If your chair is adjustable, it will be ideal for you.  

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Types of Office Chairs

There are several types of office chairs. High backs, medium backs, low backs, ergonomics, and executive chairs are the most popular. They are the easiest to use and appropriate for offices.  

Best Office Chairs Buying Guide

The most comfortable chair for the office is a priority to us all. We are more likely to be productive if we have a comfortable best Featherlite office chairs. I do not think that this is true for everyone.

There are many factors to consider when choosing the best office most suitable not just comfort. Here is the buying guide that’ll help you figure out what the best office chair buying process should entail.  

  1. Size and Dimensions
  2. Adjustments
  3. Cushion and Fabric
  4. Lumbar Support
  5. Wheel Base
  6. Pricing

Size and Dimensions

You should choose an Featherlite office chairs that is the right size for your needs. We all have different sizes, though. A chair should be sized according to the size of the person sitting in it. 

Indians normally require best Featherlite office chairs that fit into the following dimensions.  

Height = 32-45 inches

Depth = 20-25 inches

Width = 19-24 inches


There is no longer a need for fixed best Featherlite office chairs. Adjustable chairs have become very popular in recent years.

This chair can be adjusted in almost every way, and we are able to customize it to fit our needs. Check whether the chair can be adjusted for height, as we already discussed height.  

Cushion and Fabric

Taking the cushions and fabric into consideration, we have to ensure the cushions and fabric will be comfortable. The Featherlite office chairs you will be buying for yourself and your employees are not going to be plain plastic ones.

Thanks to its high-end cushion, the chair can be sat on for a long time while still being comfortable.  

Lumbar Support

It is harmful to your health and posture to sit with an incorrect posture. In the long run, you will have poor health if you have improper sitting posture.

If you have back pain, it may impair your performance and may also lead to dozens of other health problems. That’s why lumbar support is crucial in an office chair.  

Wheel Base

An Featherlite office chairs mobility is what sets it apart from a regular chair. It is easy for office chairs to move around thanks to their large wheelbases.

Knowing how smooth the wheel is and what its quality is is an important factor, seeing as every office chair comes with a wheelbase.  HQ plastic wheels are suitable for all types of surfaces and are made of a chrome metal wheelbase  


The most ideal Featherlite office chairs is not available unless you check your wallet for the money. If you don’t have a lot of money, you can check out all of the products, but only purchase the ones that meet your budget.

A typical office chair may cost up to 5,000. Count on spending at least twice that amount.  

Here are the Best Featherlite Office Chairs In India mention below

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Featherlite Amaze Project Medium Back Arm Chair

With the products that it offers and the manufacturing processes it employs, Featherlite has been a pioneer in the industry.

Through unconventional power sources like wind and solar energy, they generate more than 1.4 times our consumption of Green Power. Users of different body heights can adjust the arm height to find their ideal ergonomic posture.

With the self-calibrating feature, the resistance automatically adjusts to the user’s weight, so no manual adjustments are required.

Room TypeBedroom, Living Room, Study Room, Kids
Item Weight17500 Grams
Maximum Weight Recommendation150 Kilograms
Product Dimensions48D x 66W x 99H Centimeters

Featherlite ”Astro” Mesh Home

An Astro chair draws its functionality from the curve in order to provide comfort and function. Easy and simple adjustments allow the chair to adapt to the user’s needs.

The chair is an outstanding combination of performance and design that is exceptionally affordable. In addition to their high load capacity, these nylon casters have reduced friction when rolling, which improves their performance and flexibility.

A 60 Mesh provides a firm, supportive structure that maintains a cool, ventilated environment. It is easy to adjust and provides a variety of adjustments.

Room TypeLiving Room, Bedroom, Study Room, Kids
Item Weight14700 Grams
Maximum Weight Recommendation150 Kilograms
Product Dimensions45D x 66W x 127.5H Centimeters

Featherlite Contact Project Medium Back Desk Arm Chair 

This chair has become an icon in the Indian furniture industry. With a classic look and useful features such as a synchronized mechanism, this chair embodied the company’s founder’s original design more than 30 years ago.

Today, it includes ergonomic components such as integrated lumbar support and height-adjustable armrests to keep up with today’s ever-changing workplace. The chair frame aligns perfectly with your back, improving your posture and maintaining proper alignment.

AN70 Mesh provides a firm, supportive structure that allows users to keep calm and comfortable while breathing freely.

Room TypeOffice
Item Weight15990 Grams
Maximum Weight Recommendation150 Kilograms
Product Dimensions49D x 48W x 110H Centimeters

Featherlite Versa Home & Office Ergonomic Chair

Its simple controls and versatility make the Smart Task Chair the most sought-after everyday chair with outstanding performance at an exceptional price.

In addition to lumbar support, it has a self-calibrating mechanism that distributes your weight evenly regardless of your movements, making this chair an excellent choice for today’s demanding workplace.

In addition to their high load capacity, they have very low friction when rolling, which improves flexibility and performance. In addition to providing a firm and supportive structure. The AN70 Mesh offers a ventilation system that keeps the user cool and comfortable.

Room TypeBedroom, Living Room, Study Room, Kids
Item Weight15 Kilograms
Maximum Weight Recommendation150 Kilograms
Product Dimensions65D x 45W x 110H Centimeters

Featherlite Opus Back Chair

Asynchronous, independent support for your back is offered through Opus, adding more pressure and firmness where needed while leaving the other side free and relaxed.

Moreover, the back tension of Ozon is automatically calibrated based on the user’s weight, meaning a tilt knob is not necessary. By offering multiple recline angles to the user, this mechanism facilitates balanced movement and maintains proper ergonomic posture for the individual.

The arms on the chair can be adjusted to fit the height of users of different body types.

Room TypeStudy Room
Special FeatureErgonomic
SizeMedium Back
Product Dimensions66D x 78W x 68H Centimeters

Featherlite chairs Images


Hope this article gonna help you to choose one of the best Featherlite office chairs available online. Which is your favourite office chairs? and Why? Let us know in the comment Session.


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