If you are looking for interior pillar design ideas or designs for your home, I tell you what? You are in the right place on the internet. Talking about simple pillars design and pillar design, they add extremely distinctive accents and enhance your interiors, which is quite alluring to the eyes and to live in the environment. 

simple Pillar design ideas can be functional as well as charming at the same time. A right post at the right spot of the house can look ravishing and set the mood right. Pillars go back to the ancient times of the Greeks and Romans. They were used as their chief architectural element which probably became their classic architectural style. 

Well, to most of the middle-class population in India, a house with a classic simple pillar design as an interior is still a dream. But, hey, not to worry, here on this blog, I will be providing you with ideas that will be helpful for your next venture. 


Let me just briefly explain to you some keynote features and functionality of the interior pillar design and simple pillar design and then go down and talk about its varieties of it. 

We live in a modern architectural and structural engineering world. interior pillar design are a significant discovery in the structural world. Firstly, they are used as a support to a building to bear heavy loads. Also, pillars are made or built so that the weight of the house or the installation is equally distributed. 

Pillars are monumental and enchant your living room. They provide that touch of gravitas to your house and, of course, a TMT iron rod pillar to add more strength and functionality; stand firm during rains, wind, and withstand earthquakes, and resist the horizontal forces of seismic actions. 

In simple words, pillars have changed humanity’s living and helped build extraordinary houses. 

Modern Interior Pillar Design


Modern homes and pillars are amplified so that you hardly notice their existence. They are beautifully customized and appropriately decorated to look pleasing, welcoming, and to shackle functionality. 

Modern pillar designs have considerably shifted to the ultra-modern way known as cement pillars. Cement pillars indeed disguise your living space and the vibe of the room. 

Modern-day pillars are more circular, rectangular or polygonal, and you name it. They are often constructed and are covered with walls or are put together and intermixed with the interior design. 

Most architects these days plan in a proper and disciplined way to make them more functional. And if you pay more attention to or use your ideas, there are so many things that you could do, design and decorate it to add more loftiness and grandeur to the entire structure. 

Ceramic Interior Pillar Design


This is indeed the best pillar design and lightning-fast way to cover cement design. Keep it more barren and bare or if you want to add more of an Italian touch, use small chunks of ceramic pillar tiles to give it a more classic and artisanal Italian touch. 

Well, there are endless possibilities to the ideas if you are on your own. Or you can refer and contact us for more of such statements; our qualified professionals will help you find what you wish to implement in your home interior venture. 

Nevertheless, you will find ceramic tiles as your go-to element and can play with excellent varieties of choices, designs and patterns.

Carved Decor and Pillar Design 

Carved Decor and Pillar Design 
Carved Decor and Pillar Design 

As you dive deeper into the ocean of best pillar design and modernity, more ideas come up.

Carving a pillar can genuinely enhance your best pillar design and add more richness and quality to your interior. Ornamental carvings and wood carvings bring out more architectural detailing and value to your home and building. 

Ornamental carvings and wood-carved architectural accents can add more style to your cabinetry, casework, as well as mantels with appliques, friezes, rosettes, mouldings, panellings and much much more. 

You can also blend your pillar into various patterns for modern best pillar design, such as floral, leaves, etc. 

Granite Interior Pillar Design


The modern world comes with endless possibilities; you can turn your dull and straightforward straight pillar into a beautiful-looking current post with a touch of art and minimalism. 

One such thing is the granite interior pillar design. This one is a great idea and is highly valued. Well, granites can cost a bit more, but trust me, it’s a worthy investment. 

Granites are art in themselves, and you will have an option to choose between endless numbers of designs and patterns. Granites interior pillar design will surely light up your ambience with a modern charm. They are sturdy, easy to maintain, and are ideal for outdoor posts too. 

Granites can add a glossy and elegantly fabricated element of touch to give that pillar a chick look. 

Stone Pillar Design 


Ever thought about what an uneven and naturally cut stone can bring out? Well, the answer is uniqueness.  Stacked stone panels are a great way to decorate your pillars. Stacked stone on the siding and skirting can perfectly compliment your landscape. 

Stone pillar designs give a unique and fascinating look to your house, which gives out a modern-day house vibe and the country vibe.  A cast stone column adds immense beauty and value to your home and is a great front porch option too.

A stone wall decor will surely give a lovely flair to your house. In conclusion, a stone design deserves a place in some part of the home, at least. 

Plywood Pillar Design


If you love matching the interior plywood interior pillar design with the furniture, wood-style or plywood style is your option. The wood adds natural beauty and luxury to the house. Plywoods are easy, inexpensive and have a simple curb; you polish them and give them the textures you like. 

Instantly transformable plywood pillar design can turn your unsightly structural posts into beautiful wood columns that can match your ceiling beams, posts in the kitchen, basements, and porches and add more personality and detail. 

Wood wraps come in different textures and are ready to use. They protect it from gel or paint stains and can be easily trimmed to any height.  Upgrade to the look and worth of your house while adding elegant, realistic wood details that won’t rot, crack or fade over time.

Pop Pillar Design


POP, abbreviated as the plaster of Paris, is one of the easiest ways of approaching and designing your pillar. It looks grand, extravagant, and as though tons of exertion has gone. 

POPs are primarily used at the edges of the pillars with varieties of beautiful designs cut on them. 

Use Wall Lamp

Interior pillar design requires layers of lighting to create a great atmosphere. An ambient lighting effect can be created by adding a different layer of lighting to any room.

The columns in your room can serve as a place for you to place a wall lamp as a way to add some additional lighting. You can improve the appearance of a boring column by doing this, not only by adding something extra to your room but also by adding another source of lighting.

Turn Your pillar into a Green

With some artificial vines and some vases and planters around your column, you can add some freshness to any space by adding some greenery.

Your living room can be greatly enhanced by this column decoration idea. Firstly, it will give your room a fresh, natural feeling. The second benefit is that it makes monotonous and boring columns look more attractive and beautiful, making the viewer feel as if the columns were intended for decoration.

Using Wall Mirror

Use a mirror to cover your living room column as another decoration idea. In addition to making your column look elegant and stylish, using mirrors can give you many benefits. In addition to making any room look more spacious, mirrors can also lend a room seem brighter, as they reflect light.

As seen in the image above, this is possible with a custom-made real mirror surrounded by a few additional custom frames. In doing this job, you will need some minor renovations, which will cost you some money.

NOTE: POP gets affected by the weather, rain, potential wind, and the sculpture slowly intends to decay.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is column design?

Every building needs a column design. These are the main structural components that support the building. Column: A column is any member of compression that has a shorter effective length than its shortest lateral dimension.

What is column footing?

The foot consists of a projecting course at the bottom of a column, pillar, or wall when enlarged for load distribution.

How thick should a column be?

The minimum size of solid wood columns should be 6 inches by 6 inches. It is recommended to use masonry columns that are at least 12 inches on each side or 10 inches by 16 inches on each side. There should be no less than 9 inches diameter for round concrete columns, and 8 inches by 8 inches for square concrete columns, at a minimum

What is column stirrup

  Stirrups are closed rebar loops used in RCC structures to hold the main rebars together. Stirrups provide lateral supports to main bars in order to prevent them from buckling.

How do you create an interior column?

Using columns as part of interior design is all about deciding whether you want to highlight certain parts of the room or alter the flow.
1. Definition added.
2. Allow access to a room.
3. Make furniture more detailed.
4. Include accents.

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