f you’re anything like us, after spending so much time in your living room design recently, you’re definitely getting a bit bored of it. But what if a substantial overhaul isn’t in the cards? Refreshing your living space doesn’t have to entail a total renovation.

We filmed our designers to uncover the greatest methods of the trade for making a place look and feel fantastic without a significant time or financial commitment. Here are eight simple recommendations for making room interior your living space feel brand new, from getting creative with your arrangement to finding economical art.

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With these budget-friendly living room ideas, you can completely transform your area.

Living Room #1: Change things up

Change things up
Change things up.

Changing the arrangement of your space is one of the simplest ways to modify it. For an entirely different aesthetic, try relocating your sofa to a different wall. Do you have a lot of couches or accent chairs? Depending on what you have, try arranging them so that they face each other or in an L-shape.

When it comes to shifting stuff about, less is sometimes more. Moving additional furniture to another room may greatly free up the space–small modifications like these can make a big impact.

Living Room #2: Adorn your sofa

Adorn your sofa
Adorn your sofa

Swapping out throw pillows and adding a new blanket as the main point of your living room may be one of the most effective and simple ways to freshen your space.

The extra texture and colour may help to bring the space together and give it a polished look. Layering with warm wool blankets in the winter and lighter materials like linen in the summer is also a simple way to embrace the season.


Living Room #3: Repurpose your old wooden furniture

Repurpose your old wooden furniture
Repurpose your old wooden furniture.

Do you have a lot of wooden items in your home that are starting to seem a little worn or old? Consider giving them a new appearance. Painting an antique piece of furniture may bring it back to life, and adding new colours to your space can give it a breath of fresh air.

Try sanding and painting an old credenza or coffee table to fit your decor. Add new hardware as a finishing touch for a luxurious design that won’t break the bank.

Living Room #4: Consider your floor

Consider your floor
Consider your floor.

Rugs are a terrific way to bring a space together, but if you’re tired of yours, try this easy designer trick: stack many rugs for a collected, casual look. Begin with the biggest rug and build up from there, with the foundational rug serving as a trim. Alternatively, for added dimension and visual intrigue, put a smaller rug on top of your current rug.

Living Room #5: Get rid of the clutter

Get rid of the clutter
Get rid of the clutter

Clearing out an area may sometimes help it seem fresh. If you don’t have a lot of storage space in your living room, we recommend pulling everything out and giving it the Marie Kondo treatment–slowly reintroducing the items you genuinely need and enjoy.

To start with a blank slate, you don’t need to remove the heavy furniture; instead, focus on the décor, artwork, gadgets, and other little details.

Living Room #6: Arrange your bookshelves

 Arrange your bookshelves
Arrange your bookshelves.

Has your bookshelf or media console become a dumping ground for all of your miscellaneous items? Or maybe your book collection is getting a bit out of hand? This is another opportunity, like with your total living space, to take stock of what you currently have.

Remove the books from the shelf and replace them with a few basic stacks. Smaller pieces of art and artefacts from around the house may be used to decorate the books. Vases, lidded boxes, and sculptural pieces are all excellent choices.

Living Room #7: Decorate your walls

Decorate your walls
Decorate your walls.

Though paint can be costly, especially if you have a large area to cover, it makes such a difference that it is definitely our top recommendation for rejuvenating a room. Of course, we adore the neutral, cheerful vibe of white paint, but there are so many other great possibilities. Use a dark, glossy blue to transform your living room into a jewellery box, or use a soothing greige to create a relaxing environment.

Hanging artwork may have a significant–and immediate–impact on your room. Download a favourite print from Etsy and have it professionally framed to save money. Create a gallery wall, place a framed painting on your bookshelf, or choose an enormous poster for a truly dramatic effect.

Living Room #8: Enlist the assistance of a competent designer

Enlist the assistance of a competent designer
Enlist the assistance of a competent designer.

Decorating may quickly become costly if you are unsure of how to design your living space and where to get inexpensive furniture and décor. We will develop a lovely living room design with any budget you specify when you engage with us on an online room design.

Plus, our designers have a wealth of expertise about the best places to get trendy, economical furniture and décor, so they’ll stretch your entire budget. Do you need some assistance putting your living room together? Allow us to assist you!


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