Partition design for living room and dining hall.

Before I start, let me give you a little information about the modern space-saving world.  

We are living in a studio apartment generation. A studio apartment is a place with a single room that typically consists of one large room that serves the purpose in a combined living, dining, and bedroom as well. 

Studio Apartments are so well planned and executed with the partition designs or living rooms and the dining halls that a wing or nook is off the main area and can be used for dining or the way you want. 

With the studio, apt trend, commercial and domestic houses have also adapted the partition designing idea. 

Commercial hall partitions and walls aesthetically solve the need for privacy. Dividing the interior hall into more rooms is no longer just a matter of solid brick walls. There are various solutions to practically partition your house design while avoiding the classics elegantly. Get inspired! 

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Partitions are often used to distinguish specific space zones in an apartment or house and are used as a decorative element these days that can perfectly emphasize your interior. 

Many people are interested in partitioning their living room because it is one of the most effective methods that can delimit your space and make it look spacious and comfortable. 

This home decor completely changes the design and the look of your house; as you choose more decorating elements, the more beautiful the design appears in the end. 

Many think decorating their house or partitioning may cost a lot of money, but it is a false belief that has rebutted through ages in the peoples’ minds. 

Modernity is something that follows a simple approach in using tools and elements economically. 

Partition design for the living room and dining hall has become a key and integral part of every house these days. As an interior designing commute, we help you with various designs and a range of simple, inexpensive ideas that you can implement with so little effort and time and help you change the image of your house drastically. 

Our main motto and emphasis are based on- Functionality, Simplicity, High quality, and Easy Interior maintenance. 



We Indians mostly build narrow houses or a house with many open spaces where privacy is a complex subject. And that calls for a partition design. The kitchen, the living area, and the dining hall are all in one place sometimes. And for the studio apartments with a narrow space may also include bedroom space as well.

This open space may give you the freedom and opportunity to explore the space, trying different things. Still, sometimes we all need privacy and isolation from the rest of the rooms and a recreational area, which is why partition is essential. 

In an efficient and capable selected partition, it is essential and advantageous as well to divide a room into several different but fully functional and developed spaces. And you don’t even need professional rebuilding and demolition of the walls. 

Partitions or room dividers play a crucial role in completing the interior of the house. Today there is an increasing need and demand for purchasing storage units and decorative items for your home decor. 

You can easily find various partition decorative platforms made of glass, textiles, wood, leather, and much much more. They are manufactured in different varieties of models and colours.   

Many models, such as wooden screens, can be used as hanging shelves for beautiful illustrations. Contact us for more of such ideas and to fulfil your lifestyle needs. 

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The partition space divider is usually divided into two types – 

  • The partition design type which resembles the wall
  • The partition design type which resembles the interior decor

It is installed by connecting the poles with the roof and the ground to resemble an actual wall. You can also use it to insulate the room. 

And the partition with decorative shelves is highly sought. Such models can be an excellent solution for any room. 


Each partition has its practical and aesthetic advantages, and selecting the correct division might get complicated. Due to different conditions, and mostly the budget, many buyers tend towards the designers and decorators or their help. 

For partitioning a large living space area, screens of different shapes and sizes are ideal. Most advantageously, they fit into the room of approx 55squares or more because, according to many professionals, screens eat a lot of the majority of the space. If you take my advice, they are the best if installed in the larger rooms. 

Choosing the right partition design is what I call a work of art. Why do you ask? The Interior Design, The Decor Space, The Detailed Drawing Document to coordinate the work is undoubtedly a work of craft and art.  

The budget, the space to be renovated, and the interiors are definitely your choice, and the way you want to renovate your walls is absolutely your decision too. Contact us for more of such ideas and more innovative propositions to upgrade your experience as we are keen to provide you with the service as per your requirements. 

If you still decide to experiment independently, don’t be afraid to experiment on your imagination. 

TIP: If you want to add a little more comfort to the room, kindly pay attention to the light textile partitions which can be an excellent solution.  

The budget and the space you want to renovate, and the choice of colours you want to choose on your walls are truly important. The walls change the decor and the look of the room and your house entirely. Whenever you feel dull or monotonous and get boredom from your traditional home decor, just refresh the walls with some exciting colours to get that fresh and cosy feel in your house. 

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  • Professional and experienced staff to provide you with excellent quality of work. We provide you with a wide range of screen selections, dimensions, style, colors, and much more as per your interest. 
  • We help you with innovative plans and suggestions to meet your ideas and demands. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do you partition a hall and dining room?

1. Display books or other items on a bookshelf.
2. Separate areas with wood frames.
3. a swing can enclose a small area in a subtle way.
4. Plant some potted plants to feel completely natural.
5. Make a magazine rack out of a storage compartment.
6. Take a peek through a curtain.

What are partition walls made of?

Brick or block construction is typically used to construct solid partition walls, but framed construction is also possible. The partition walls made with timber, steel or aluminum studs may be called stud walls, and they are usually clad with a board such as plasterboard, metal or fiberboard.

What is dry wall partition?

In hotels, hospitals, offices, and homes, drywall partitions are often used as lightweight interiors. A sturdy, robust, long-lasting wall is made up of strong, durable material that requires no maintenance. There are several kinds of drylining systems. Drywall that can perform.

What is partitioning interior design?

Partition walls and room dividers are a space-saving way to create a sense of intimacy in a home, create functional zones that are separated, or add a bit of privacy. A modern partition wall or room divider is practical and attractive.

What is the thinnest partition wall?

Standard timber frame construction can have walls as thin as 1.5×2.5 frames, fitted the thin way, with 12mm plasterboard. These walls conduct sound well without such measures, so noise reduction measures are generally necessary.  

We at EagleRealtor. help you with various ideas to decorate your home walls and home needs. So do not worry as we have many innovative ideas and solutions to deliver and suit your specific budget. 

Our knowledgeable staff will help you with fantastic room divider and partition design ideas for the living room and dining hall. 

Feel free to contact us and comment down if you like our work. 


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